• We get to you quickly and fix your problems fast !

      Award winning  & friendly - Cor-Blimey has a wide range of services. 

      We service businesses of all sizes. No job is too small. We also cater to small home offices and residential computing needs.

      We come to your location .....  at your convenience.

      Serving Kawartha, Durham & York regions.
      Please think of Cor-Blimey as your local IT specialist

    • Is your PC or Mac giving you problems ?
      If it's dead we can help, if it's slow we can fix it, if it has a virus we can clean it.

    • Viruses or Malware can slow your system down, stop things working, steal your personal information, or completely lock your data and hold you to ransom.
      Let us help keep your system safe.

    • We can provide & install onsite backup solutions and Cloud based backup solutions.

      Don't let a Virus like Crypto delete your data.

    • Network installation & troubleshooting

    • Some users need brand new powerhouse systems, others need refurbished systems that simply do the job.

    • We are very good at explaining technology in Layman's terms. We can help with your training needs.

    • What our clients say

    • Cor-Blimey Mick! Many thanks for your assistance with our Driver Wireless implementation. Planning the deployment of more than 200 wireless devices to our drivers nationally was a challenge with our limited resources. Your expertise and skill was a huge asset in getting the Android devices initially set up, applications installed, Bluetooth paired to mobile printers, logged and shipped to the end users in record time. We especially appreciated your flexible schedule to assist in the implementation stage at our Toronto & Calgary locations. Your pleasant, can-do attitude made it a pleasure to have you working from our office. Cor-Blimey Computer Services involvment really took the pressure off local resources and saved us weeks of time and money realizing the benefits of the new application. Yours sincerely, Tina Hansen Vice President Hansen’s Group of Companies

      Hansen's Vehicle Forwarding

    • Marvellous Mick! I’m one of those people who are great on the computer as long as nothing goes wrong. I can type fast and produce impressive reports, but when it comes to set-up and trouble-shooting, I’m lost, and I can waste hours fumbling around. But that’s all in the past now - for over a year, Mick Boyle of Cor-Blimey Computer Services has made my computer issues seem easy. He’s prompt, reliable, fast and efficient. He’s also good at making technology accessible to the non-technical person. I’d recommend him to anyone. Thanks, Mick. Reverend Susanne McKim

      St.James Church, Sutton

    • Mick Boyle is who you call for all of your computer service needs. Professional, on time, expert and courteous~

      Wendy Bradbury - Exodus Graphics

    • When it comes to computer servicing, it’s the person that’s doing it that makes the difference. Mick does not make you feel stupid for asking the question and is willing to admit when he doesn’t know the answer. But he never leaves you hanging. He goes away, does the research, and doesn’t give up until he has the solution. He inspires confidence!

      Stephane Deschenes - AEC Daily

    • We at COPS Traffic Ticket Services, depend on our computer system for the smooth running of our business. If you are a business owner, I am sure you do too. You don’t realize how much you depend on your computer systems until it breaks down. I have used Cor-Blimey computer services for years. Mick Boyle is knowledgeable, courteous and will come right to your home or place of work to fix any computer problem you may have. I have even experienced a time or two, where he has “linked up” and fixed a minor problem without having to attend our office. Whether it is for our business computers or personal computers at home, we keep the Cor-Blimey phone number available at all times.

      Rick Sloan - Founder - COPS Professional Corporation