• Backup

  • Image type backups

  • Do you remember how easy it was to copy music from one tape to another ? All you had to do was press Play on one Casette and Record on the other.

    I can supply and install backup systems that automatically use a similar process to backup your entire computer to an external hard drive on a regular basis.

    It's simple and fast .... and will allow you to recover from dead Computers, crashed Hard Drives and Computer Viruses very quickly.

  • Offsite / Cloud based backups

  • Sometimes it makes sense to have an offsite backup - what happens if your system is stolen or (God forbid) there is a fire at your location ? A backup system that copies your data to the Internet is a recommended solution.

    They are automatic and constantly taking snapshots of your stuff.

    Some folks are concerned about data security but it is the way that things are going and let's face it - once upon a time we had to stop hiding our cash in mattresses and take it to a bank to let someone else look after it.

    Again ... I can help you with this kind of solution.