• Virus Removal

  • Previously viruses were developed just to be annoying - they would splash messages on your screen, constantly eject your CD drive or maybe stop your printer from working.

    Now they are being used by organised crime to steal your money and your identity.

    They are looking for personal data such as passwords, Social Insurance Numbers, addresses, places of work, Credit Card numbers ... the list goes on.

    "Some years back I received a call from a Landscape Gardening company in York Region. It was my first visit and they were concerned about how slow their Office computer was. I tuned the unit and in the process removed 33 viruses or malware programs.   After explaining to them about the possibility of identity theft - they told me that they were recently contacted by Montreal Police asking if they had just bought a new truck at a Montreal Dealer ...... these viruses had managed to gather enough information to build & use their Credit Profile."

    Other malware programs will gain access to your computer and splash messages onscreen saying that your computer is infected - you need to call the number provided to have this cleaned. Sometimes the message even looks like it is from Microsoft themselves.

    "I was contacted recently by a Roofing firm in York Region. They had a similar message onscreen but had seen this before.  This had been happening for around 18 months. Essentially this message was the virus itself - after my client called the number and paid another $400, the message would go away. Over the course of 18 months this company had been defrauded out of $1500"

    There are millions of computer viruses out there. Make sure that you have good Anti-Virus software and don't open ANY email attachments that you don't need to.